PORTUGAL: Calheta III – New hydroelectric power plant and pumping station

Location : Portugal | Madeira

Project Details

  • Construction of a new dam on “Pico da Urze” on 1345 m height, with a capacity of 1.000.000 m³, as well as a buffer reservoir with a capacity of 70.000 m³ on 654 m height.
  • 3,6 km of high pressure pipeline (70 bar) having 2 functions, gravity fed to the lower reservoir and pumped storage from the lower elevation.
  • Turbine house with 2 turbines, 15 MW each
  • Calheta III covers 20% of Madeira’s electricity demand
  • Excess wind energy produced during periods of lower demand supplies energy to the pumping station in order to pump the water back to the dam with 3 pumps (5 MW each).
  • This project has created regional added value by exploiting the island's natural resources, contributing to the creation of a strategic water reserve and reducing the energy dependence from abroad, mainly base on fossil fuels.
  • Commissioning end of 2020
  • The project contributes significantly to Madeira’s target of reaching a share of 50% renewable energy by 2022.
  • Turn-key project by Energetus S.A./Portugal
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ERHARD Product list

  • 3 Ball valves DN 500 PN 100 as safety valves with weight loaded actuator
  • 3 Ball valves DN 600 PN 16 with electric actuator