NORWAY: Oksebotn hydro power plant

Location : Norway | Oksebotn

Project details

  • The valve is installed as the main shut-off valve in the Oksebotn power plant closing the pressure pipe towards the turbine.
  • Oksebotn power plant was completed in 1988, in Voss municipality in Vestland county/Norway.
  • The power station is equipped with a Francis turbine of 11 MW and a head of 125m.
  • The power plant is supplied through a 1.6 km long tunnel from the regulation reservoir in Stora Volavatnet. Reservoir capacity is 56.6 million m³, and the water is dammed by a 180,000 m³ rockfill dam.
  • Average annual production is 44 GWh.
  • Power to approx. 3.000 households.

Product list

  • 1 Ball valve DN 1200 PN 16 as turbine inlet valve with weight loaded actuator.