ISRAEL: ULTRAF PRO Pressure Management

Location : Israel

RAPHAEL by TALIS and Israel's national water company, Mekorot, successfully collaborated for the first time. The solution allows the final customer to monitor and control the main water inlet connection of the Village.

General figures:

  • Mekorot provides about 80% of the drinking water in Israel and 70% of the annual water consumption in Israel

  • Mekorot's annual water supply is about 1,500 billion cubic meters of water

  • Mekorot provide water to 4,800 local authorities, water corporations, farmers, kibbutzim, Villages and industrial plants


Project key requirement:

The purpose of the project is to enable the sources to:

  • Monitoring (continuously and remotely) the main water supply of the Village of Tlalim in the south of Israel.

  • Allow the customer to receive continuously the following data: flow rate, cumulative reading of the water meter, pressure up and down and the possibility of regulating the water pressure at the entrance to the settlement.

  • Allow the customer to received different type of alert such: low pressure, high pressure, over flow and more.

  • Open the door for other projects with Mekorot