GERMANY: Special design for wastewater treatment plant

Location : Dresden, Germany

STRATE check valves, special design for the Stadtentwässerung Dresden GmbH wastewater treatment plant


STRATE check valve, type RSK-FTU DN700 shortened design, PN6, flange PN10, RAL 5014

Flanged connection: DN 700 PN 10 (DIN 2501)
Body material: S 235 JR
Screws/nuts: High-grade steel
Construction length: 1400 mm
Operating pressure: 6 bar
Surface protection: Check valve body cover EKB fusion bonded epoxy coating
SPECIAL COLOUR: Pigeon blue, RAL 5014
Coating thickness: 250 µm
Attached components: Chemically nickel-plated
Accessories: Electronic inclination sensor (results monitor) 


Due to the special design of the body and of the closure element and its mounting, STRATE RSK check valves have:


  • A completely free ball passage
  • Low flow resistances
  • Low noise levels and a low susceptibility to clogging, making them maintenance-free,
  • And they are leak-tight even with low counterpressures 

They are suitable for:

  • Water, waste water
  • And when they are fitted with additional equipment, such as (external) spring-loading and the surge damping valve, they reduce water hammer and valve slams.