GERMANY: Modernization of the Osterbuchstollen

Location : Osterbuchstollen near Oberkochen, Germany

Landeswasserversorgung (LW) has been supplying drinking water for over 100 years, nowadays to 3 million people. Some parts of the network have been in operation since the beginning, such as the Osterbuch tunnel near Oberkochen in Germany. The tunnel was completely renovated between autumn 2018 and spring 2020 and equipped with an additional DN 1200 drinking water steel pipeline, being a modern, sustainable and energy-efficient solution for several generations. The tunnel is 1868 m long and is the heart of the 100 km pipeline between the waterworks in Langenau and Stuttgart, which supplies 1.5 million people with drinking water. The LW chose fully enamelled ERHARD valves, which contribute to the overall sustainable concept and stand for best drinking water quality.

Project overview

  • Installation of an energy-efficient and sustainable solution with new steel pipe drinking water line DN 1200
  • Modernization of the 1868 m long tunnel after more than 100 years of operation by Zweckverband Landeswasserversorgung
  • Heart of the 100 km pipeline from Langenau to Stuttgart
  • Drinking water supply for 1.5 million people
  • Fully enamelled valves for best drinking water quality and long service life

Product list

  • ROCO Wave butterfly valves (DN 200 - 1200)
  • ERK non-return valve (DN 900)
  • INFINITY resilient seated gate valves (DN 100)

Click here to watch the Project Video from LW