GERMANY: 100 Drinking Fountains for Berlin

Location: Berlin, Germany

The customer castings division of Ludwig Frischhut has managed to win a very special type of contract. 

After taking over, adapting and updating the existing models of a drinking fountain which has been manufactured since 1995, the company – working in collaboration with the customer and the enamelling plant which is involved – has managed to manufacture initial product samples which have now been approved.

In addition to the manufacture of the cast iron components, the processing, pre-assembly and final inspection are also undertaken by Frischhut, and this inter-plant collaboration means that we can guarantee the consistently high level of quality that our customer demands.

Frischhut is consequently the main supplier for the "100 Drinking Fountains for Berlin" project which is supported by the Senate of Berlin.

We are currently working on an order for thirty drinking fountains which have to be delivered by the end of 2018. This is a challenge because each segment is cast by hand, a process that involves a considerable amount of manual work.

We also have an option on a follow-up order for the production of another batch of 30 fountains in 2019.


You can find further information on drinking fountains in Germany, and on the project in Berlin in particular, by using the following links: