Vision & Values

The leading provider of water flow control solutions,  helping protect and provide water around the world


We own and deliver on our commitments
We are leaders in our area of responsibility
We take accountability for our actions
We demonstrate personal responsibility for the safety and well-being of everyone around us

We put the customer at the heart of everything we do
We take the initiative to find creative ways to deliver the best possible business results
We are motivated and driven to achieve our individual and collective KPI’s

We strive for innovation and best solutions
We are focused on continuous improvement
We exceed customers expectations
We have the passion and hunger to achieve excellence

We respect the code of conduct and act with integrity in everything that we do
We create an inclusive and diverse workplace where everyone is treated with respect and dignity
We respect the views and feelings of others and consider the impact of our words and Actions

We act as one TALIS
We build strong relationships based on honesty, openness and trust
We work together on common goals
We are open to feedback and share our challenges
We recognise and acknowledge the contributions of others in our team