Enamelling and Specialist Coatings

The Secret Ingredient of Successful Water Networks


A Report on Best Practice from TALIS

The modern water industry has a strong international dimension – with expertise and partnerships spanning the globe – however, in one area at least, there is a specialism and knowledge that isvery much concentrated to one area of Europe.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland (the DACH group ofcountries) water networks rely heavily on enamelling and other specialist coatings to increase the durability, cost efficiency and quality of their water networks, as well as ensuring the purity of their drinking water.

TALIS – one of the world’s leading experts in enamelling of water components – reports that two-thirds (67%) of its global enamelling sales come from this group of countries, where its specification is requested as standard by their customers. As a result, the water companies in these countries are gaining a number of significant advantages – not least of which is one tenth of the failure rate within crucial components.

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