Alta dirección Mujeres en la cúspide
Alta dirección
Mujeres en la cúspide
Equipo Global de Liderato Diversidad en todo el mundo
Equipo Global de Liderato
Diversidad en todo el mundo
Equipo de trabajo creativo El cielo es el límite
Equipo de trabajo creativo
El cielo es el límite

Nuestra misión, junto con la directiva, es regular y contratar los recursos humanos del grupo TALIS para sus ambiciones y metas estratégicas.

Comprometido en trabajar para TALIS:

¿Cuál es la diferencia al trabajar para TALIS?

[Translate to ES:] portrait sue gregory
Sue Gregory, Executive Assistant at TALIS UK in Bridgend, UNITED KINGDOM

“TALIS offers the opportunity to work for an international company with a friendly environment that is conducive to gaining new skills and experience in order to progress your career.”

I have nearly 20 years’ experience supporting at Executive and Director level.  I spent many years working in London as a PA/Executive Assistant within a diverse range of industries including Fashion and Media before moving to South Wales and joining TALIS in 2010.

[Translate to ES:] portrait cyril nury
Cyril Nury, Head of the Assembly line at BAYARD in Meyzieu, FRANCE

“BAYARD is a business on a human scale with the support of the international TALIS Group. This kind of support allows us to carry out interesting projects and develop products for the future. The manageable size also gives us the opportunity to collaborate on multiple projects within working groups, from design to solving quality issues. That way, you know almost every employee of BAYARD, no matter which position he or she has.

The organization is optimized every day for one ultimate goal: costumer service. Even collegues that don’t have any costumer contact are aware of this change in the company. That is a refreshing experience and remains an interesting challenge. You never get bored at TALIS!”



For us at TALIS, with colleagues all over the globe, these are not just empty words but a reality.

Customer focus

To always satisfy our customer, to identify his wishes early on, deliver good quality and offer a wide range of services. Those are the goals of our customer-friendly overall concept.


With clearly defined objectives and evaluation of their attainment, we make sure the performance of our company has a direct link to the work of every single employee.


The redevelopment of products and services for our customer, as well as the development of our organization are essential elements of our corporate policy, because they sustainably ensure our future.