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Penstocks DN 100-1500

DN 150-2000 |

Operation pressure up to 0.4 bars, for wall bolting and also available as a special version for circular chambers as of a shaft diameter of DN 1000.

Penstocks and gate valves for shutting- off and regulating in open gutters as well as channel, shafts, tank and pipeline inlets and outlets. Due to the diversity of variants and their special material selection the valves are particularly suitable for sewage technology, the water industry and flood protection.

  • Modular principle for universal use of all actuation variants and for individual versions and dimensions
  • Matched material selection: stainless steel, aluminium alloys and hot-galvanised steel as well as special materials on request
  • Simple assembly through wall seal without grouting as well as variable fastening brackets or fastening consoles

Penstocks DN 100-1500