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AWALIFT sewage pumping system

The STRATE AWALIFT installation differs from all conventional sewage pumping systems and is used to drain floors that are below the back pressure level up to the municipal wastewater disposal. STRATE sewage pumping systems collect the wastewater and transport it via a pressurised pipeline.

AWALIFT installations of STRATE are fully automatic sewage pumping systems with one or more pumps. Through a combination of centrifugal pump and solids collecting chamber they offer extraordinary operational safety.

The sewage enters the solids collecting chamber via the inlet pipeline. Conveyed solids are retained by separating valves while the solids-free sewage is able to pass these valves and to enter the holding tank via the pump. Once the holding tank is full, the inlet is closed, the pump is switched on and transports the "precleaned" sewage backwards, passing the separating valves and the solids collecting chamber towards the outlet pipe.

During this process retained solids are flushed away by the precleaned sewage towards the outlet and the solids collecting chamber is cleaned of residues.

This design has numerous advantages:

  • The solids collecting chamber system provides maximum protection of the pump against blockage
  • Only precleaned sewage is directly conveyed by the pump which allows high-performance impellers to be used
  • Solids are flushed from the solids collecting chamber at the start of the conveying process, the following sewage then cleans the installation
  • The design offers optimum protection against corrosion, long service life and an almost silent operation
  • The dryly installed systems with gas-tight containers prevent the emission of foulsmelling or even toxic gases

AWALIFT installations are available for outputs of 0.4 to 800 m3 per hours and therefore in combination with numerous motor variants offer a cost-effective solution for every task.

 AWALIFT sewage pumping system  AWALIFT sewage pumping system  AWALIFT sewage pumping system